Kootenai Falls Suspension Bridge

This is a gorgeous but grueling hike for these old folks 😊 Of course, we had already hiked through the Cedar Grove. Just off Hwy 2 between Troy and Libby Montana. The trail splits at one point allowing you to go to the Falls Trail or the Bridge Trail. If you choose the bridge, you can walk a little further following the roar of the falls and see them from a better angle. If you want to get up close to the falls then you will need to also take the falls trail. We didn’t have 2 more miles in us 😉

That color!

Woodland RV Park 😎

We are back in Montana (west of Glacier NP) in Libby. This place is just as advertised. Clean, convenient, well laid out, friendly and in the woods by the creek. Only 2 days here and already my calendar is full! Igniters Classic Car Show tomorrow, Kootenai Falls and Cedar Grove State Park on Sunday. I may even squeeze in some time to finish this marvelous book! One of the classic car folks is right next door to us 🖤

That’s a real camper up there

Cedar Street Stroll

This is a great walking town… our favorite kind. We shy away from big cities for many reasons. Sandpoint ID has a variety of shopping and dining venues, sure to please most everyone. We especially liked the Cedar Street Bridge Mall. A 400 foot bridge over Sand Creek that began as a bridge for horse and buggies, then autos and now with structural improvements for shopping.

Just Say YES! 💙💙

New adventures don’t have to be to far off places. Many of you don’t have the option to travel away from your home state but there is much to see right in your area. The first thing in a new location is an internet search for “things to see or do near me”. We are always surprised what comes up! If you can’t travel, maybe a new hobby, an art, language or cooking class? A new job? A new volunteer or social group? There are so many types of adventures to change up your life if you want.

Riley Creek Army Corp Park, Sandpoint, Idaho

Another gorgeous Northern Idaho Park. We, are nestled in a towering cedar and pine forest on the Pend Oreille River. We were lucky enough to get a full week here. Temperatures in the mid 70s. Can’t wait to explore the area!

Nestled in the forest and shade 💚

Navy Days Memorial

Farragut Naval Training Center was the second largest in the States. More than 300,000 young men passed through these gates to become sailors during WWII. My favorites of this Brig Museum tour were the bronze sculpture “Mac” commemorating the men who trained here and the scrapbook of Norbert Block. Click on the link at the end of this post for more about Farragut Training Base.



Beautiful Bayview Afloat

The only way to get pictures of this private water community is by way of  a little trespassing. Just act like you belong there. Travel articles make it sound like you can just stroll around the floating neighborhoods. Not so much! We acted casual and took these photos in stealth mode 💦 We even went back a second day when we spied some more houses 😊 Bayview Idaho.

Our favorite house
From above

Shoreline Trail to Beaver Bay, Farragut State Park

What could be lovelier than an evening stroll along a mountain lakeshore? This lake reaches a depth of 1200 feet in some places. There is a Navy submarine research facility a few miles away. We met several others along the trail who told us about other sights in this part of the Northwest. We are going to be busy!

Farragut State Park

Now this is more like it! We use private RV parks in a pinch but prefer state, county, national and Army Corps parks. A private park would squeeze 6-8 RVs in the huge space we have all to ourselves. Lots of grass, trees and shade. A large, long, level, paved driveway and room to spread out. Not to mention a gorgeous lake and Brig Museum on site. Athol, Idaho. See history below:

History of Farragut State Park

Farragut State Park was the former site of Farragut Naval Training Station, a major training base of the U.S. Navy during World War II. The base was named after David Farragut, the first admiral in the U.S. Navy, the leading naval officer during the Civil War.

Ground was broken in March 1942, and by September the base had a population of 55,000, making it the largest city in Idaho. Liberty trains to Spokane ran three times daily.  At the time Farragut was the second-largest naval training center in the world.

During the 30 months the base was open, 293,381 sailors received basic training at Farragut. The last recruit graduated in March 1945 and the facility was decommissioned in June 1946. It was also used as a prisoner of war camp; nearly 900 Germans worked as gardeners and maintenance men.  In 1942, Lt. Commander Henry T. McMaster, supervisor of support services at the station, contracted photographer Ross Hall to produce group and portrait photos of all recruits and companies. Operator of a studio in nearby Sandpoint, Hall employed up to 15 workers in creating a photographic archive of more than 300,000 images.

From 1946-49 it was the site of the Farragut College and Technical Institute, which did not re-open in late 1949 due to financial difficulties.  The park adjoins the deepwater Lake Pend Oreille, where the Navy maintains a submarine research center at Bayview, the Acoustic Research Detachment.  The land was transferred to the state of Idaho in 1949 and became a state park in 1965.

Tour the The Museum at the Brig during your Farragut State Park visit.

In honor of the Navy Men who trained here.

Sacred Spaces

I am always drawn to places of worship as we travel. Whether it is a Sweat Lodge, Temple, Church, Mosque or other space. While reading a book about women of the West, I came across the story of the Coeur D’Alene Tribe woman, Siuwheen , who was instrumental in leading her people to the Catholic faith. She also encouraged them to build this church under the guidance of Father DeSmet. I had a desire to see the church so I did a search for its location. Can you believe it was only 25 miles away! It is the oldest building in Idaho. Sacred Heart of Jesus Mission Church built around 1850 with wattle and daub walls, local timbers and stone and pegs. This is why we travel 💙 Serendipity 💙

Set beautifully on a hilltop

Wallace Walkabout

This charming little valley town is tucked up under Interstate 90 in Idaho  because the city refused to let the state put the road right through town. Easy stroll right from our RV park and most of the buildings are on the National Historic Register. In fact, the entire town is on the register! We stopped in Wallace Brewery for a locally made adult beverage. Tasty but not as dark as Warren likes. Wallace is the self proclaimed Center of The Universe. Come along and we will show you some highlights 💙

Love the variety of architecture