The “Villagers” of Taylor, Nebraska

What a great morning!  I drove over to the ONLY town in Loup County, Nebraska. They found a unique way to promote their lovely little community. I arrived during the annual Loup County World’s Fair which is a celebration of agriculture, ranching and the people of this area. 4-H green was everywhere 💚 I touredContinue reading “The “Villagers” of Taylor, Nebraska”

Sandhills Scenic Byway

We drove a couple hundred miles of this road through Nebraska. We have never seen landscapes like this. The Sandhills rolled for hundreds of miles with a desolate beauty of their own. We wouldn’t really call them hills, more like small mountains as the road wove its way past scattered ranches, rivers, cattle herds, trains,Continue reading “Sandhills Scenic Byway”

Cowboy Trail Trestle Bridge ❤️🤠❤️

We had a wonderful 3 mile walk along The Cowboy Trail in Valentine, Nebraska. It will be part of The Great American Rail Trail from coast to coast! Over 2,000 miles of that trail are completed with 1,700 more to go. The trail in Nebraska is 180 miles so far and crosses 200 bridges fromContinue reading “Cowboy Trail Trestle Bridge ❤️🤠❤️”