Park Maintenance Blues

The guys were changing out the rusted grills at our campground today. Ours was the first they attempted. They put a lot of time and effort into the project. Once they measured and saw that the posts were too tall, they came up with a much faster method and things went smoother for the rest of the replacements. Working in upper 90° heat was no easy thing either. I only recorded bits and pieces of the long process from our bedroom window. We were a bit concerned that those sparks would catch the dry pine straw on fire so we kept an eye on things since they were working only a few feet from our RV.

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2 thoughts on “Park Maintenance Blues

    1. We have been amazed at the work that volunteers get gone in various campgrounds. Their only compensation is a campsite at no cost. Fire pits get cleaned, building repairs done, trash removed, leaf blowing and grass cutting also.


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