Oh Brother!

We are camped at Arkabutla Lake, Coldwater Mississippi. A little trivia for movie lovers who enjoyed watching O’ Brother Where Art Thou? The small former town of Coldwater MS is underwater due to building of a dam and lake for flood control. This is the area where the fictional Everett McGill was supposed to have buried his treasure and where the family cabin with the happy little tire swing flooded when the lake was formed. The Federal Government paid $250,000 to move the homes of 700 citizens a couple miles to higher ground. I included a clip from that most enjoyable movie. If you haven’t seen O’ Brother it’s available to stream on Prime Video and You Tube.



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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

2 thoughts on “Oh Brother!

  1. Hi Karene and Warren,
    Just saw the movie with Emma and Sean a few weeks ago. Interesting, but a little on the strange side. 🤔 Charles


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