Bath House Row

We strolled Hot Springs National Park yesterday. This most unusual park is located along the main street of the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Geothermal springs (143°) trickle down the mountain above the valley and have provided therapeutic benefits for hundreds of years. Early Native People knew of these springs and soon the newcomers to the area learned to use them too. Rustic log cabin inns were soon replaced with lavish stone structures. Only 2 of the bath houses of the former resort still provide soaks but all are beautifully restored and used as the park visitor center, gift shop, restaurant, cultural center etc. We enjoyed our stroll along the shaded avenue but the serene setting was almost spoiled by the traffic. Loud cars and even louder motorcycles cruised past when we stepped out of the quiet of a bath house. The shops and businesses across the street are not on park property. Mostly, it was an interesting and fun tour. We located several of the spring outlets on the mountainside and yes, they were very hot! There are paved walking paths including the Grand Promenade above Bath House Row. While touring The Fordyce, we got a kick out of the Ranger explaining some of the more intense treatments like electrified water and colonic irrigation. The young women in the room couldn’t quite understand what they were hearing 😂 I’m including about half the photos I took of this more unusual park.

One of the still operational spas
Wonderful architecture
Nice landscaping
Superior Bath House
Fordyce Visitor Center
Buckstone offers spa services
Each spa tried to outdo the others
Another view. Love the arched porch
Lamar is now the park gift shop
Shady lanes
This was designated a National Reserve in 1832 to protect the area. Then became our smallest National Park in 1921.
Main corridor to hillside paths
Warren testing the temperature straight out of the spring
Sitz bath and steam bath
Looks like a torture chamber!
Pack tables where people were wrapped in hot spring water towels
In case you would rather lounge
Spa goer wrapped in hot towels
Mens athletic costume and a linen suit for strolling
Ladies sheer summer day dress and swimming costume
Warren wondering how the were cleaned between patrons
Cleaning supplies
Needle Shower
About 60 of these tubs on 3 floors of Fordyce
Looks good to me
Quite a few of these Sitz baths for various lower parts ailments
Colonic Treatment!
Warren and Ranger discussing the various electric water treatments
Heat Lamp

100 year old ball shaped electric motor is something else! It was used on a “medical device” called a “Cologne Vibrator” and was a power source for remote attachments. This little motor would hang from a hook and like the power unit of a Dremel Tool it would spin and then turn a cable to power whatever was at the end.

Hubbard Tub for disabled patrons to be lowered into waters
Mens elegant soak rooms
Lovely day room for socializing between treatments. That’s a tile floor of tiny squares and stained glass ceiling above
Ladies area
Grand piano
Very elegant room spanned across front of the building
Where spring waters enters the basement
Foyer area of Fordyce Bath
Ladies dressing rooms
Old school mirror selfie
Traffic, Mens Gymnasium, Warren sampling the water

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7 thoughts on “Bath House Row

  1. Great photos Karene. Conoly and I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation at Warm Springs, Arkansas several years back. Yes, the springs water is downright hot!


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