White Cliffs, Arkansas

This very small but lovely campground has an interesting history. A large, almost pure, limestone deposit was discovered here and enterprising individuals started mining it to create concrete. That limestone forms the foundation of the state capitol building  in Little Rock and numerous other buildings in the state. A good sized community developed around the factory but dissolved into history. After reading negative reviews, I thought there wouldn’t be much to see and do here. So we were fine with just hanging out. I feel sad for people who get bored in a quiet camp like this. We didn’t even bother to unload our tow vehicle. Plenty to see just walking or scooting around. Alligator chasing in the morning, several armadillos grubbing, a giant Leopard Moth, a dirt dobber wasp building under the picnic table, poor raccoon trapped at the trash dump next to our site, many flowers and berries, white cliffs to hike, boaters speeding by, heavy machinery at work, historic ruins to ponder and just peaceful beauty out in the woods by the river.

Hackenberry Emperor loved my pink shirt
Beauty Berry Plant that the squirrels love
Dirt Dobber Wasp under our picnic table
Cardinal Flower attracted the hummingbirds
The canoe launch from our site.
Rose Mallow
Cardinal Flower and Cypress
Our hiking trail to see the limestone of White Cliffs
Trail to the quarry
Blinding white in the sunshine
Easier going up than coming down!
Pretty landscape from any angle
Steeper than it looks
Crumbly limestone… Yikes!
Having an anxiety attack 😂 It drops off on both sides.
Pulled myself together and smiled
Warren doesn’t have my fear of heights
We got as far as the red dot before I lost my nerve
Warren spotted a 12 foot alligator when we were having our morning coffee by the river. The Park Ranger has contacted animal control to have it relocated away from the campground. This one has made a nuisance of himself by entering occupied campsites!
Old steamboat landing area
Brick ruins from the factory
Office stairs
Foundation walls
More foundations
We are the only campers this week

“White Cliffs Natural Area, located in the Coastal Plain, occurs on a large outcrop of Annona Chalk, rising out of the Little River floodplain (now Millwood Lake) and includes a 100-foot high chalk bluff over the Little River, from which the area derives its name. A continuum of plant communities reflects a range of elevations at the site from the floodplain to the ridgetop. The area includes the largest, and least disturbed, Arkansas occurrences of chalk woodland. This community type is unusual for Arkansas as it is more typical of vegetation found on the Edwards Plateau of Texas. The area is also of historic significance as the site of a late 19th century settlement. The crumbling remains of foundations mark the locations of several structures.”


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