Sesbania Javanica

Another interesting plant we found growing at the lakeshore today. Also known as Riverhemp in Asian countries. Just for fun, I have included a recipe in the picture caption.

Edible Uses Leaves – cooked and eaten as a vegetable. The young shoots are cooked and eaten with various dishes. The flowers are eaten either raw, blanched, fried with egg or fermented. Because the flowers contain a carotenoid substance, they are used to give a yellow colour to various desserts such as kanom bua loi, which are coloured balls of sticky rice flour cooked in sweetened coconut milk.

Medicinal The leaves are used medicinally. In ancient Thai traditional medicine, the plant (the report is probably referring to the flowers) was used as an anti-inflammatory for treating insect bites, intestinal abscess healing, stomach discomfort and to relieve internal fever and thirst.

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