Showmen’s Rest

Hugo OK has been the winter home of several famous big top circuses for a century. It was interesting to see the love and devotion exhibited in the many beautiful headstones in a large section at Mount Olivet Cemetery. Laid to rest are clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists, animal trainers, managers, tightrope walkers and various circus support staff. I personally would love to see all animal use in the circus be a thing of the past. There are so many acrobatic acts and beautiful or comical performances that would make a fine entertainment without the unnecessary use of animals. Aside from that, it was a nice shady spot to take a stroll and take some pictures on a blazingly hot summer day.

A couple dozen of these monuments outline the Circus section
Artfully engraved tombstones tell a story
Popcorn the Clown
Showmen John Strong
Elephant Rider
Mirror polished headstone
Tiny elephants atop many headstones
“Turtle” Benson
Well regarded man
Horse Riding Acrobat
Glamorous Lady Rider
Circus Wagon Wheel headstone
The Big Top
Elephant Trainer
Small mausoleum for ashes of circus folk

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6 thoughts on “Showmen’s Rest

      1. I have been to the one in Forest Park IL, there was a horrible circus train crash in the early 1900’s, performers who were killed are buried there.


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