We haven’t been in this state since 2019! Looking forward to spending 9 days here. On a side note, I love musicals with a good story. West Side Story, Anna and The King and Oklahoma come to mind. Warren tolerates my requests to stream them and even finds himself enjoying them. So tonight, OKLAHOMA is my choice of course! My senior friends and family will remember the many great songs.


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6 thoughts on “OKLAHOMA!

  1. I love the musical, Oklahoma! By the way, I am reading the book series on the Rocket Boys from West Virginia. About to finish the first book and I am enjoying.


    1. I just finished the 3rd in the series and will next read Carrying Albert Home (a slightly true story about his parents) . I really like his writing style and will eventually read all of his books. Have you seen the movie October Skies? It was based on the first book and is very good. We watch it a couple times a year.


      1. No, but I may try to watch that over Labor Day weekend. I typically like books better than their movies but will watch. I haven’t been catching all your posts but it appears you guys are doing well! So glad to see Warren on the mend!


      2. I always like books better than movies! Warren doesn’t read for pleasure, so I try to find movies made from books for him. We are doing great! We pace ourselves a little slower these days but we are happy to still be able to do our thing. We are so happy for Ash and his big achievement!


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