Paper Moon 1973

The comedy Paper Moon was filmed in a couple of the small towns we visited last week. We were able to locate two film locations in Wilson, Kansas. We had never viewed the movie so we streamed it last night. Delightful comedy.

Interior hotel scenes were filmed here
Black & White filming set the right “tone”
Wonderful period piece
This grain elevator next to the tracks was used too. My photo was taken from a vantage on the tracks. The station and car would have been on the left.
As it appeared in the movie.

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6 thoughts on “Paper Moon 1973

  1. What equipment to you have to be able to stream in the middle of nowhere? We want to add something but not sure what, Starlink is pretty costly.


    1. We use a combination of our TMobile Moxie Tablet as a Hot Spot, boosted with our WeBoost omnidirectional and directional antennas ( by Wilson Communications) We recently added TMobile Gateway designed for streaming on TMobile low frequency band. Usually one of those combinations will work. We have used TMobile since we started traveling back in January 2018. The coverage has improved vastly in that time. They are soon to join forces with Starlink for even better coverage in remote locations. They announced a few days ago that it should be available in late 2023. They say it will be at no additional charge. Also they will add data and video at some point to that partnership.


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