Garden of Eden

One man’s expression of his political and religious beliefs. S.P. Dinsmoor started building The Garden of Eden in 1907 at the age of 64. For 22 years, he fashioned 113 tons of cement and many tons of limestone into his home and garden. He opened his home to guests, conducting tours of his home and garden until his death in 1932. It was placed on The National Register of Historic Places and has more than 10,000 visitors annually. Per his wishes, he is encased in a glass topped coffin in the mausoleum with a desire that his remains be viewed by the public. NO, we chose not to enter the crypt of the retired school teacher, Civil War Veteran, farmer, Populist politician and sculpture. See the links below for more in depth information on this quirky site in Lucus , Kansas.

Entrance and start of tour
Adam and Eve
Oh DearπŸ˜‚
Some very pretty spots in the garden
Checking out a humorous self portrait
S. P. Dinsmoor
Trying to read the messages
Native People
Angel above slain Cain
S. P. Dinsmoor final resting place
Her name was Francis A Journey, by the way
Tiered strawberry garden
Laundry house

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