Cliff Dwellers

We arrived at a new park in Kansas on Wilson Lake. We are delighted with our site! Sometimes it’s hard to tell what you will get even with online pictures and descriptions. Shade is at a premium in this part of the state so our little green trees are perfect. We have a nice breeze, gorgeous landscape above the blue lake and wonderful cliffs dropping off just behind our RV. We will have a wonderful view for sunsets these next 6 nights and a big sky with no light pollution for star gazing. Lots to see in the small nearby towns too. What’s not to love?

Need those clouds for spectacular sunsets
Lovely shade πŸ’š
View from our back yard
Oxtongue growing in the rock crevasse
Red Whisker Clammyweed πŸ˜‚ In the Caper Family
From further up the hill
Red rock formations add a different color
Sunny is sitting pretty above the lake

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