WPA in Hill City, Kansas

I drove over to this small town for gas and spied unusually green stone buildings and a city park. All I can find out is that they were constructed in 1937 by The Work Progress Administration. The stone is green quartzite quarried locally. So lovely and different. Link included to a short video about WPA.


City Hall
Creek bridge
Fireplace, tables and benches in a beautiful design
Grandstand and audience seating
Another view of grandstand in this lovely park
Pavilion and restrooms
Chimney of pavilion
Interior shady and green

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4 thoughts on “WPA in Hill City, Kansas

  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. In Tennessee the WPA was known at the TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority. Interesting history. Also, interesting political stances…. sounds like today. ugh!


    1. So much history seems to involve political issues in one way or another. I know that the CCC and WPA projects we see all over the country are still standing and still beautiful for later generations. Much good came from the program despite the “nay sayers”


  2. We enjoy your posts and photos ! Interesting places we get to visit through the travels of you and Warren .😄😄 Thank you for sharing!


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