Nebraska Prairie Museum

This very large museum holds more than I could share on this blog. If you are ever in south central Nebraska, you must put it on your list of places to visit. It appears to hold an entire town within its walls and grounds depicting the lives of people in Nebraska. I can’t imagine the amount of work involved in collecting the items on display and setting up each room. There is something for everyone. Warren enjoyed the early cars, farm machinery etc. I could have stayed all day seeing the homemaking and daily life scenarios. Of great interest to both of us was the story of the German POW camp nearby. More than 100,000 German soldiers were processed through this camp. Only 8% of captives professed allegiance to Nazi ideals. They were well treated and were even paid a daily wage as they worked voluntarily to replace the thousands of American men who were serving overseas in WWII. Thomas F. Naegele, a German born escapee from Nazi Germany, who served as an interpreter for the US Army during WWII, is also a fine artist. He painted many scenes from life at camp during that time. I have posted a very small sample. They include humorous scenes as well as serious ones. Linked below is a fascinating PBS story about Camp Atlanta in Nebraska.

Many citizen and captives became life long friends
Original guard tower
Interpreter at work
German POW sharing beauty at musical instrument store
POWs shopping for gifts to send home
Supposed to be solitary confinement
At work in the fields of Nebraska
Abundance of food for soldiers and POWs
Manpower moving a barracks
Russian POWs shipped home would meet the firing squad for posing as German soldiers
18 toilets in a row. Same set up for the Army guards latrine.

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4 thoughts on “Nebraska Prairie Museum

    1. Prepare to spend a day. We toured and read displays for a couple hours then took a lunch break, came back and finished with the POW Camp area and helped the guys with that crop duster.


  1. Interesting. I knew that Nebraska has a large German population, but did not know about the POW camp. (I have a couple of friends who are from there.) Love the art work! Stay safe and healthy! ❤️


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