Crop Duster Doings

While we were visiting the Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege, the director and crew were trying to get an agriculture plane fuselage into the building. They had already let most of the air out of the tires to allow it to clear the door but it wasn’t quite enough. Warren puzzled over it a minute then suggested they stand on the sides and even lended his weight to the idea. Success! Then on the way home we saw a crop duster off in the distance over a corn field. We pulled over on a farm road and got a neat airshow! Nebraska is celebrating 100 years of Agriculture Pilots and Planes contributions to feeding the nation. I have included a couple links with more information about this industry.

A day in the life of an ag pilot

Celebrating 100 years

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4 thoughts on “Crop Duster Doings

  1. Warren is so smart and always has been! Sounds like something Daddy would have done. So proud of you both and love y’all dearly! ❤️❤️


    1. You are the sweetest! ❤️ We love you bunches too! Old age is an interesting place to be but we keep on learning and experiencing new things. Your Daddy was and still is Warren’s HERO!


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