Golden Spike Tower

We had the best time viewing the worlds largest rail yard located in North Platte, Nebraska. We drove an hour from our campground but it was worth the trip. This classification yard handles 10,000 cars per day (24/7) in this 8 mile long almost 3,000 acre Union Pacific Railroad facility. Each rail car is “humped” to its proper track to be coupled up with others to go to its final destination. Watch the YouTube link for the story of this fascinating place and what happens in the yard. Mick, a retired railroad man, was a wealth of information about both railroading and the Sandhills which he loves.

Very nice visitor center
The 7th floor is open air so you can hear the horns, bells and squeals. The 8th floor is enclosed for comfort.
Shaped like a railroad spike. It was originally planned to be much taller but funds ran low.
Headed in for a informative tour
A great tour for a few bucks!
Mick and Warren talking trains
Quite a view
Cornfields right up to the tower
Rumbles, horn and squeals of a busy yard

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