While we were at the Golden Spike Tower, Mick told us about an event going on this weekend. They close a 28 mile section of a very curvy road thru the Sandhills to race cars in a loop. The most challenging open road race in the country. That must be quite an event. He told us it is held in the little western town of Arnold and one of the cars was actually down in the the Tower parking lot. We were passing by Arnold on our way back to camp so we stopped in for the car show on Main Street. 102Β° in the shade so we made a quick tour thru, took some pictures, and were back on the road to camp. There was every sort of car from regular street cars to racing cars. We can’t imagine taking the curves and hills at the speeds they go! I have included 2 YouTube links about this cool event. The second link was live streaming the race.

We guess one of the participants was touring the Tower while we were there
Boys and their Toys
Checking it out
Wishful thinking?
Yellow Jacket
Green Machine πŸ’š
Raring to Go ❀️
Blue Heaven
Lining up on main street

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