The “Villagers” of Taylor, Nebraska

What a great morning!  I drove over to the ONLY town in Loup County, Nebraska. They found a unique way to promote their lovely little community. I arrived during the annual Loup County World’s Fair which is a celebration of agriculture, ranching and the people of this area. 4-H green was everywhere 💚 I toured the town on foot, following the map provided by the tourist information center to find 67 of the 70 “Villagers” (see the links for more about this project.) They are meant to depict life as it was between 1880 and 1920. Looks like the people stepped out of  old photographs. I have included my favorites. Then I went to the 4-H exhibition hall to see the produce, floral, civic and craft entries. Had lunch in the Veterans Dining Room with very friendly local folk and sampled some of the baked goods that the homemakers had provided. Lovin’ me some Nebraska ❤️

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