Cabins at New Helena

These historic cabins are on the grounds of tiny Victoria State Park in Anselmo, NE. This used to be the small village of New Helena over 100 years ago. A new train rail was hoped for but was built 7 miles away so the village never grew beyond 67 folks. I walked over in the cool of the early morning, just after sunrise, to read the storyboard and take some pictures. I always read these posters since someone put a lot of effort in them for visitors. Don’t tell anyone but I was in my PJs since we have the place to ourselves except for the camp hosts.

6:30 💛 just crickets and birds and me
Our peaceful setting
This huge Cottonwood has a story? The park is full of these giants
Been standing since 1874
Love these old photos
Storyboards tell the “story”
The rest of the story….
Long gone….
Made of cedar logs and still standing

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2 thoughts on “Cabins at New Helena

    1. When we plan a route, we just map out the major places and fill in the dots with these “middle of nowhere spots” Atlas Obscura and Road Trippers help me find the cool stuff that I didn’t know about. Always something new to see and learn.

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