Sandhills Scenic Byway

We drove a couple hundred miles of this road through Nebraska. We have never seen landscapes like this. The Sandhills rolled for hundreds of miles with a desolate beauty of their own. We wouldn’t really call them hills, more like small mountains as the road wove its way past scattered ranches, rivers, cattle herds, trains, windmills, spring fed lakes, silos and small towns. I am good at the neat trick of grabbing screenshots off my video as we drive down the road. Sure can’t ask Warren to stop the RV for every photo op I see 😉 Really different and really wonderful country.

People are few and far between on this road. Friendly farmers wave as we pass.
A long train went by as we waited in road construction. Good timing!
Borrowed this one from a royalty free site. All the many windmills and cows we saw were too far off the road for a clear picture.
The land is mostly used for ranching and making hay
The lakes are a magical blue from the type of rock and soil they spring from.
1987 school house near our campground
The land is blooming with miniature sunflowers against the blue and green of water, trees and sky.
Lonely tree at lakeside along the way
Rail crossing in Anselmo NE just outside our campground
Victoria Springs State Park entrance is very welcoming
Settled in for 6 days 💚

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