Cowboy Trail Trestle Bridge ❤️🤠❤️

We had a wonderful 3 mile walk along The Cowboy Trail in Valentine, Nebraska. It will be part of The Great American Rail Trail from coast to coast! Over 2,000 miles of that trail are completed with 1,700 more to go. The trail in Nebraska is 180 miles so far and crosses 200 bridges from tiny ones over creeks to tall and long ones like this trestle bridge over the National Scenic Niobrara River. The overcast sky, cool temperatures and pleasant breeze made it a delight. One of us got a little silly ❤️ We took pictures coming and going. Pizza Hut for a salad and Veggie Supreme Pan Pizza afterwards. As usual, see the links below for more information.

Published by karenebarker

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10 thoughts on “Cowboy Trail Trestle Bridge ❤️🤠❤️

  1. Love the video with the music. Love the photos and the trail, especially with you two on it. 🙂 Warreny looks great! and so do you Karene! Love ya/ Charles


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