Camp and Beach Walk

Love getting my steps done on a cool, breezy morning. Yesterday it was 104° here, today the high will be 75°. I enjoyed a long sandy road, a quiet path and a cliff trail. Then a beach stroll and back to our camp. Warren was at camp getting himself deep into a scooter modification.

Miles of sandy roads to stroll
Forest path
Sandy scramble down to the beach
Cedar Grove
But why????
View from a cliff
Swamp Smartweed
Some animal’s caudal vertebrae. Maybe a small deer?
Be Kind ❤️
3 miles of a pleasurable workout
New sticker map for bragging rights 😊

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

2 thoughts on “Camp and Beach Walk

  1. But why? I wondered the same thing… I’m sure there’s an interesting story somewhere behind it. That looks like a quiet, peaceful place.


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