The Road to Nowhere

HWY 83 stretches from the border of Canada in North Dakota to the tip of Texas, also known as The Road to Nowhere. I borrowed the photo from the internet since I was busy fighting back mild panic as we drove this road. It was extremely windy for 100 miles. Warren handled the RV perfectly but he was worn out after fighting that 30-40 MPH crosswind. Very little traffic except for motorcycles heading up to Sturgis. The scenery was really lovely with towns few and far between. We are settled in at beautiful Merritt Reservoir 20 miles south of Valentine NE for 4 nights. Not much planned but we might find a thing or two to see. I have included a couple links if you want to learn more.

I recall this exact hill and view as we traveled south. A portion of the old road is on the left.
Old post card that I thought was charming

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

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