Spearfish Brewing Co

After our lovely drive thru Spearfish Canyon, we stopped to sample a flight and nibble some fries. Almost all the beer we tasted was very much to our liking. Warren favored Aggressive Goat and I loved Adventure Pants. That sounds about right 😏

Warren goes to the dark side, I like lighter and fruitier
Beautiful space
Bird Bones & Lemon Bar
Tasty with fries to nibble
The view from our table
Lots of awards
Sampling is great fun
Nice selections
Spied another Termesphere! This one captures the scene in the brewery


Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

4 thoughts on “Spearfish Brewing Co

    1. We got a kick out of the biker bar but this local brewery was more our style. We like to get a flight to share. Almost always a few we like. I didn’t care for the Spice Girls brew…. Tasted like perfume. All the rest were delicious.


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