Devil’s Tower!

We have wanted to visit Devil’s Tower since we saw Close Encounters of The Third Kind way back in 1977. It was fantastic to drive from our camp in Spearfish SD across the WY border for an hour to the site of our country’s first National Monument. The drive itself along Hwy 24 was gorgeous. The Native Americans had long revered this majestic place and had various origin stories about the mountain. Most attributed it to a giant bear scratching the sides and leaving his marks. They still place prayer bundles on trees all around the base. We walked the lower loop trail to see the formation from all sides. Lots of ups and downs but not too strenuous for us. There is plenty of shade to cool off, plenty of benches to rest and plenty of beauty to behold.( I have included a couple links for more about climbing and the Native origin stories.)

Hamming it up
View from Hwy 24
Here at last, now over to the visitor center to get our NP passport stamped
Starting off
Beautiful from every angle
A wonder to behold and rest a minute
Nice paved trail
The Window where numerous columns broke off
Trail winds around the entire base
Funny Man
Happy Hiker
The month of June is when they tie on the flags
Prayer Flags
Artist depiction of origin stories

Group of climbers finished their descent

Climber circled in red as we started our hike
Another climber on a different route
Climbing image from website
We spied several deer
It was a fabulous experience

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5 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower!

  1. GREAT photos! Thanks for sharing your adventures! The last 8 photos didn’t open, sadly, but I saw the titles that you gave them. Keep having a wonderful life, Dear Hearts. Love, Sayward


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