Buffalo Jump

Black Hills Wyoming
Right off I-90
Warren pointing out a detail
Teepee shaped museum
Diagram of sink hole
A wealth of knowledge
Jackie”Jack” was a really good guide
Interns exploring the levels made over 400 years.The last layer was 200 years ago
Bison skull filled with sediment
Bone Bed layer 6
Atlas bone from base of skull. The only bone the tribes had no use for
Interesting panels
Amazingly soft bison hair
Handmade bison hide teepee
Long way down
The building houses and protects the discovery site

Two volunteers from the hatchery strolled by our camping spot the other night and we chatted for an hour. They told us about this place. It’s located just off Interstate 90 as you enter Wyoming ( near Beulah). It doesn’t look like much at first but it’s a fascinating history lesson. We took the guided tour though the museum and down into the sink hole that several tribes used to run bison to their deaths. They could harvest enough meat and bones and marrow to last the tribe for a long time. The meat could be dried into jerky or ground up and mixed with choke cherries and marrow fat to make Pemmican. It’s sort of like a meaty trail bar. Jackie was a well informed and interesting guide. She patiently answered our many questions and took her time as we made our way back up that steep and long path from the pit. The site was discovered by workers checking the stability of the sink hole when the interstate was being constructed. They performed a core sample and pulled up bison bones. Fascinating find.

Gift shop pemmican we had to try out
Meaty trail bar


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