Bone Bed

This fantastic site was discovered in 1974 while a developer was excavating for a housing subdivision. The bulldozer unearthed gigantic bones and ivory tusks while removing soil. This was once an ancient water-filled sinkhole. It had trapped any animal that fell in and could not escape the vertical and slippery edges. Dr. Larry Agenbroad from Chadron State College was contacted. When it was verified that these were mammoths, excitement ensued! It was decided to leave the majority of bones in position and let it become a ongoing dig site that the public could view. This is the largest collection of mammoth remains in the world. We enjoyed watching the staff at work and asking questions of them. Absolutely fascinating! Two links below to learn more. Enjoy!

Largest Mammoth Site in the country
Gigantic Beastie!
View from below
Makes you feel small
Anatomy class
Diagram of what I was viewing
So many poor creatures couldn’t get out
My travel buddy 🖤
Layers of sediment that filled in over the mammoth bones
Tags where possible bones are located
Tusk above, femur below
Helpful diagrams
Walking in muck
Ball of a leg bone
Paleontologist at work
Spotlight on a dig area
Numbered for staff, interns and the public
Hard a work
Complete but disarticulated skeleton

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4 thoughts on “Bone Bed

  1. Indeed WOW! Like I was there with you. Thanks for sharing….love all the photos and with Warren and you by several for comparison….not sure I’d want to get up close to one of those living giants! Whew….
    love ya


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