Hot Springs SD Walkabout

We had a very pleasurable stroll on both sides of Fall River that runs right through the town. The sandstone buildings are charming, the people are extra welcoming and town is very interesting. Hot Springs has quite a history. I have included a link below.

We always check out the visitor centers. The volunteer was a wealth of information about the town
Old depot houses the visitor center
Small, lovely depot
Old wood jail was discovered inside another building that was being demolished.
What a story!
Great town to stroll
From across the river
Cool architecture
Colorful spots
Several triangle buildings
Several stairways lead to the streets above town. This is the fancy one
Getting his steps
Fall River is a small thermal water feature through town
Former ritzy health spa is now a home for elderly
Enjoying the stroll
Pretty downtown feature. Mineral water fountain.
Will he try it?
Of course!
Cure All?
Tasted pretty interesting taste he said
Town Rules 😊
Refreshing mist
Means “hot water” in Lakota. This was the original name of the town.

Small talk with the very friendly owner Vickie after our coffee tasting
We left with Raspberry Chocolate and Highlander Grogg flavors
We noticed this blue guy as we left town

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6 thoughts on “Hot Springs SD Walkabout

  1. I feel like I just flipped through the pages of a cool magazine. Beautiful photos! I love following your travels 😊


  2. Great stop, especially for the coffee. Thanks for the link. I may order some of the Freedom Trail Coffee – Colombian – Medium Roast – ORGANIC – TOP SELLER! – “Casting Vets” Charity Coffee!
    Blessings/ Charles


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