✨ Big Time ✨

As we say in The South, we had a “big time” on our scooters this breezy and comfortably mild afternoon. Lake Angostura Recreation Area has a 4 mile bike trail connecting campgrounds, marina boat ramps, overlooks, beaches and picnic areas. Flora and fauna to enjoy along the way. The fauna we saw today was a long snake stretched out sunning on the trail as I rode just inches from it. I hollered “snake!” for Warren who then stopped to observe it. ( Warren says it wasn’t a rattler, most likely a Gopher Snake which looks similar) I still think it was a rattlesnake! We did not take a picture since I had the phone and was not going back anywhere near it. The scooters took numerous 8-10 % grades and curves with ease. Even our chunky selves didn’t slow them down much. We did about 10 miles and barely touched the battery reserve. We are very happy that we went ahead and ordered them. Why should kids have all the fun?

Lots of ups and downs and curves to keep the ride fun.
So much beauty to stop and gaze upon
Miles and miles of sandy beaches on the perimeter
At the Marina
Perfect day for a sail in the Black Hills
You can have a beach all to yourself here
Scooter 💛 Love

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8 thoughts on “✨ Big Time ✨

  1. What do you mean? You ARE KIDS! 🙂
    Cool scooters, lots of fun…so good to see you guys enjoying retirement this way.
    Love ya / Charles

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