Prairie Pipsqueaks

We stopped by The Ranch Store outside of Badlands National Park to see the prairie dogs. They are fat and happy with the attentions and unsalted peanuts provided by tourists. It was fun watching them squeak, tumble, dig, nibble and hide. A bit noisy with the wind and cars passing by.

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

4 thoughts on “Prairie Pipsqueaks

  1. You know I love all animals and these remind me of meerkats standing on their back legs. So cute and they seem to be healthy with their little fat bellies! Another beautiful creature created by God! ❤️❤️


    1. We watched an excellent documentary last year about meerkats. Many of the same habits. The little pups are adorable and some of the older ones were just so laid back. I’m sure that comes from feeling pretty safe in that area. The ones further out in the land were very much on guard as we drive through Badlands. Fascinating!


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