Badlands Tour 2022

Simply spectacular! Photos can’t do it justice. We started at the northeast entry and stopped at almost every pull off and viewpoint traveling west on the north “loop” Hwy 240 through the park. When we reached the western entry, we turned around and did the same coming back. It’s wonderful that you can see so much from the comfort of your car if you choose. We like to take some strolls into the landscape too. There were many RVs driving through but not too crowded for everyone to enjoy the scenery. We took our car since we are camped only 20 miles away. The day was just nicely warm in the 80s. The sky was so blue with occasional clouds to add interest. The colors really popped! We stopped at Cedar Pass Lodge for Vegetarian Fry Bread Tacos and then over to the visitor center to see the working fossil lab and other displays. Then back on the road to our campground after a perfect day. Such beauty! We are so blessed to be able to continue on our travels and see more of God’s creation.

A kindly couple took our picture
Cedars and rock formations
Such a tourist
Those colors
Yellow hills from plant matter when this area was jungle-like eons ago
Stretches for miles and miles
Color graduations are so beautiful
Look like fairy castles
On top of the world
Into the landscape
More of those yellow hills
A great day!
Old lovebirds
You can hike and climb freely in any area of the park… Just use caution
Up close to the limestone
Big Horn Ram just acting casual
My travel partner 💙

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

10 thoughts on “Badlands Tour 2022

  1. So happy to see you two old love birds made it to the Badlands!
    You’re right…breathtaking!!
    You just can’t get enough the first time through. And the view is simply amazing no matter which way you travel through this beautiful creation.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy life on the road. Can’t wait until it’s our turn!!


    1. I wish pictures could convey just how glorious this land looks. We have such a priceless opportunity to travel like we do. Your time is close at hand ! We sure enjoyed meeting you and great that we can stay in touch like this.


  2. Just wow 😍 I am so thankful you two are healthy enough and are choosing to experience and explore God’s beautiful masterpiece 🌎


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