String of Pearls

Part of the large group enjoying the program. We brought our comfortable chairs and sat to the side a bit.
Waiting for the sky to darken. The Rock formations are so strange against the sky.
This photo was taken at a different time of year by a someone with a good camera near the same location we viewed tonight. In our view the Milky Way was more overhead but just as spectacular!

Late tonight we attended an excellent Ranger program in Badlands National. Park. While they waited for the sky to darken, we enjoyed a slide show and discussion about the animals in the park. After deep darkness, the Rangers pointed out various stars, planets and constellations. That sky was so crowded with stars we never see while living in cities. There were at least 3 very bright shooting stars which excited everyone. We observed the Space Station flyby low over the rock formations. We were awed by the view of The Milky Way in that very clear, dark sky. Then a string of Starlink satellites (string of pearls) moved from the southwest to northeast about mid way up from the horizon for about 5 minutes. Nobody was expecting that! They were still close together and very bright in the South Dakota sky. There are several apps to help you locate the Starlink satellites after they launch in the night sky. We now use “Find Starlink”. Astronomers don’t like the way Starlink is cluttering up and blocking their views but on the other hand many appreciate the technology and it benefits.

String of pearls similar to what we saw

The video link below is very similar to what we saw but the satellites were much closer together. They had not dispersed quite this much. Very cool!

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