Minute Man

Near Badlands SD
Beautiful and Interesting Visitor Center
So many missiles
Fallout Shelter supplies
I can well remember this film from my early school years in the late 1950s

One of many across the country. This one is now for educational and historical purposes only
Tours are available of launch control
We kept our eyes open
Crew Entry is the larger blue hatch
Glass covered silo for visitor viewing

Drawing from park service storyboard
Glass covered viewing of unarmed missile
Barely visible from the highway
Lots of new information from this Ranger
Warren and Brent having an in depth discussion
Cogswell was involved in the Minute Man program for 14 years of his military service
A pleasure to meet Ranger Brent Cogswell

We visited the National Park Service Minute Man Site in South Dakota today. We had previously toured the facilities at one near Fargo North Dakota last year. This time, we skipped the underground tour of the control facility and focused on the silo viewing and learning from Ranger Brent Cogswell many details of his life serving with the Minute Man project. We have a better understanding of this program now. We also watched an interesting film at the visitor center which I have linked below.


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6 thoughts on “Minute Man

  1. KARENE AND WARREN, a wonderful visit and really appreciated the documentary 30-minute video link. Thank you. I don’t think you know this, but I helped pull together an 11-minute video on “A World Free of Nuclear Weapons – A Call to Action.” Here’s the link: https://www.voices-uri.org/act
    LOVE YA and love the journey with you!


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