Badlands Itinerary

One of the most iconic parks in the country
Very green this time of year.
The view from our campground

We arrived in Wall, SD today to revisit what we saw briefly in 2018. We didn’t plan enough time to see everything then. Our campground view is totally different from yesterday’s. Huge grain silos and a train track from our windows instead of the beautiful, blue Missouri River. Hoping for a few train whistles to blow! We love the changes in scenery as we travel. This campground is just a block away from the famous Wall Drug Store tourist site. It has a pretty cool history. (I have included a link below.) Glad we got to see it pre-COVID. It’s too crowded now to feel comfortable. The Badlands are what we came for anyway. We will do the loop drives, get out at every overlook, walk a trail or two, tour the Visitor Center, take in a night sky program, and go to the Prairie Homestead sod house. Glad we have plenty of time this trip.

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6 thoughts on “Badlands Itinerary

  1. The Badlands are cool and strange at the same time. So many formations and color changes. Hope you enjoy!


    1. Oh my goodness ‼️ So much to see and do. We are headed next to Hot Springs SD for Moccasin Mineral Spa, Mammoth Fossil Site, Custer State Park Needles Parkway and more!


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