Just Peachy 🍑

Nice low key day. After a late breakfast we cleaned the windows inside and out and removed the road bug collection off the RV. Peaches for a snack then time for reading, bird watching and seeing many RVs leave and many arrive. After lunch, Warren took a nap in his comfy recliner and I went across the lawn to the boat ramp to sit in the breezy shade and watch the boaters. I enjoyed a nice chat with the owner of Donovan’s Hobby and Scuba Charters. This is a busy place!

Peachy Perfection
The picnic table awnings are a nice addition to the campsites.
These Yellow Chats are busy feeding and protecting their young ones
PJ bird watching
Our dining window view💙
Sitting in the shade watching the boaters come and go
Donovan’s Scuba Charter was out on the water for hours . They had a big time even though the water was a little “murky” today.


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