Aquarium & Hatchery💙

We headed over to Gavins Point Aquarium and Fish Hatchery on our scooters to see what that’s all about. We usually visit at the wrong time of year to see much but this year we saw lots of small fry and larger fish. The baby paddlefish in the nursery tanks looked otherworldly and alien. Normally, we would need to take the car on such a hot day on a 4 mile round trip. The little scooters zipped over and back easily and safely on the bike lane from the campground. Yankton SD.

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2 thoughts on “Aquarium & Hatchery💙

  1. Cool scooters!! And I love the layered audio of music and background sounds. You’ve gotten good at the videos! I can barely take a still shot 😂


    1. It’s my little hobby. I’m trying to keep learning and experimenting. Sometimes we are in a noisy place so I have to mute the original video and add some music. I like it best when I can layer though. The aquarium’s bubbles lent themselves well to that method.

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