DeSoto Wildlife Refuge

We are camped in Iowa ( north of Omaha, NE ) near the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. After visiting the sunken Steamboat Bertrand display, we  took the lovely trail to the site where the craft was excavated. Such an interesting story! We stopped along the way to smell the flowers and watch a hundred or more Swifts building nests under the eaves of the visitor center. One day, we should return for the Spring or Fall bird migration. I imagine that’s an awesome sight.

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

6 thoughts on “DeSoto Wildlife Refuge

  1. Wildflowers are awesome and the bees love them. One thing I can’t stand seeing is when people pick them. They don’t think about all the little critters that need them to survive.


    1. I agree! I never pick the wild flowers. I like to leave them for the bees and wasps and other people to enjoy. I will buy a stem or two of cultivated flowers at the grocery store if I want to bring some inside.


  2. I love going on these ventures with you guys. Thanks for sharing!! Can hardly wait for September 10. We’ll plan to meet you EARLY for breakfast somewhere and spend the day together. Love ya/ Charles


    1. Hoping y’all can come out to the campground AFTER breakfast. We don’t do early anymore 😊 Y’all can stay just as long as you like. We will enjoy every minute.


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