Quarry Cliff Trail

Back in the late 1800s this was a large limestone quarry area. Then in 1943, workers struck a spring that filled the quarry overnight! They had to leave equipment, tools, rail cars and rail track in the bottom of the lake. Today, divers enjoy the crystal clear water and hunt for underwater remnants of the old mining operation. There is also an old school bus, various statuary and other interesting things for divers to explore. They were placed there to add interest to the dive. Huge Paddlefish, that can be as long as 7 feet and 200 lbs, also inhabit the lake! We saw 2 about 5 foot long. We hiked what looked like a clearly marked trail on the map. Not so much! We made a wrong turn and passed the Observation Tower twice…. Oops! We were “geographically challenged” ( lost). There are so many side trails not on the map. A fellow camper, Mike, rescued us with his golf cart just about the time we had given up all hope πŸ˜‰ He saw us puzzling over our trail map. That was a wild ride up and down those inclines and twists on that golf cart. What a great hike even with the detours and problems.

Easy to get lost since there are many side trails not shown on the map
Admiring the view
Rugged hike for an old gal
Glorious πŸ’™
Not even thinking of it
I accidentally dropped my good walking stick into the water along here. 60 foot down to the water. Dang!
Light green to dark blue as the water deepens
Divers surface for a few minutes
Stunning views. That cliff face is about 60 foot tall. Those are full sized trees growing on the face
Steep trail 100 foot up to the heart cave
My Sweetheart πŸ’š
Love waterfalls!
Our hero Mike!

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