France Park, Logansport Indiana

Towering walnut and maple trees. Glad it’s not the season for those nuts to drop!
Our huge site is one of the nicest in this maze of a campground.
We love seeing signs like this when we arrive at a park. Lots to do without having to drive any distance.
The quarry lake is an amazing color. Lots of folks were having a big time today.
Brand new “Wipe Out” style water playground

Mango Frozen Fruit Bar on a warm day
This 1800s community oven was used weekly by the immigrants who lived in the area the park now occupies. They were employed by the quarry and the Wabash-Erie Canal.
The door still slides open. I expected to maybe see a snake but found trash instead😕

I’m glad we found this park for the weekend. It has plenty to do with a large beach and water playground on a beautiful lake. The water is crystal clear. The many RV camping loops become a maze so it’s helpful that they offer a guide person at check in. Our large grass site is just as pictured in the literature online with towering walnut and maple trees providing comfortable shade. We took a driving tour of the park to get our bearings. We will attempt the trail that encircles the lake along the cliffs for some pretty views and exercise tomorrow. Visit the waterfall and maybe take a dip in that inviting lake. It’s a wonderful 80° after the intense heat the past few days. Below is a link to the interesting full history of this neat park.

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