Bonus 💚

People often ask how I choose our route and campgrounds. We start out with a goal of a few places we want to see then use an app called Allstays to filter campgrounds along a general route to get us where we want to go. Then I read reviews and see what types of sites are open to reserve. I try to choose shady, private and roomy sites but sometimes you don’t get much choice if the park is full. I also hope for a park that has something of interest if there is nothing nearby to tour. This one checks all boxes with ancient ceremonial mounds to learn about. When we arrived at Mounds State Park, we knew we had a large site on a corner but did not expect it to be so lovely. Trees and grass and hydrangeas just starting to bloom. Then I saw the tall chain link fence surrounding our site behind the landscaping. Oh well, no forest behind us. Then I spotted the small busy airport. A pilot was practicing his “touch and go” skills in my view from my shady spot. Awesome! We will certainly want to return to this beautiful park one day.

An afternoon adventure
Corner lot tucked in the back of the park away from traffic
X marks the spot! Google Earth is a good tool for our lifestyle. I didn’t expand out far enough or I would have known about the airport
Wow! Our landscaper did good
What? A chain link fence?
We don’t require much in the way of entertainment this week. Resting up from days at the Air Force Museum

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