Mail Pouch Barn

The barn is used as a nature center and Ranger program area at Barkcamp State Park
This old log cabin houses a gift shop and general store
Harley Warrick who spent 55 years painting advertising on barns and other structures.

This original barn and a neat little history area in the park in easy walking distance of our campsite. The barn is in the location where it stood on the Bentley farm. Interesting story about the barn painter included in the link below. We visited with the brand new college graduate, Gage, who is excited to begin his naturalist career with Ohio State Parks. He is busy building up a collection of critters and planning programs. A gorgeous day for us to get some exercise walking all over the park.

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2 thoughts on “Mail Pouch Barn

  1. Interesting piece of history and reminds me of our family trip to Chattanooga in the late 1940s early 1950s seeing the signs painted on barns along the way. 😄


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