New River Gorge Bridge

Motorists are not even aware of the structure on Hwy 19 as they cross the gorge.
New River Gorge
Beautiful engineering
Falling Rocks warnings along the drive. We hope not today!
The old bridge down in the gorge
Locomotive parked on spur track
Tracks with bridge above

Beautiful Canyon Rim Visitor Center provides an overlook for viewing. The bridge was built in 1977. It reduced travel time across the New River by 45 minutes. In the past, you had to wind from the top of the gorge to the river and back on Fayette Station Road State Road 82. This winding road now makes a fabulous driving tour to see the bridge from below. At 875 feet tall, it is the third tallest bridge in the USA. Stack 2 Statues of Liberty and The Washington Monument underneath with 20 feet to spare. There is a catwalk right under the bridge that allows tourists to cross with a harness attached. The 2nd Saturday of October, tandem parachute jumping is available for the thrill seekers. No thanks to both of those for us 😊

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