Newest National Park

70,000 acres and 53 miles long
Added another stamp to my NP Passport
Feeling free!
Getting the perfect picture
Even the streams joining the rivers are fabulous
Sandstone Falls
Hey Y’all!
Watching for wildlife and spotted a couple deer
Wild Water!
Nice boardwalks take you out above the river for a great view
Lots of whitewater for the thrillseekers.
High water turns the rivers wild!

We have visited Yellowstone, the oldest national, and now New River Gorge NP in WV which is the newest one. Established in 2020, this park is nestled along 53 linear miles of spectacular green mountains. Three large rivers converge to create a premier whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, rock climbing, hunting and fishing destination. It encompasses historic towns, gorgeous waterfalls, rock formations, mountains, valleys, gorges, lakes, and the third highest bridge in the USA.

We drove mile after lovely mile to reach 3 waterfalls within the park on the south end. We are saving the north end for our next campground further up the road. What a surprising delight is wild and wonderful West Virginia!

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6 thoughts on “Newest National Park

  1. Conoly and I are planning a trip to Yellowstone in early October. Never been and looking forward to it.


    1. Yellowstone is probably our favorite park! So visually stunning. We camped in Cody WY for a week on the east side to do a couple days in the park and surrounding areas. Then camped up at the MT and WY border to see the northern entrance and the rest of the park. We know you wile joy it!


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