Steel Drivin’ Man

History buff in her happy place, learning more about of country’s past
Not just a folk legend
1892 Great Bend Coal Train Tunnel
Happy Campers back in our groove!
“Putt-Putts” used to run up and down the rails to look for damaged areas
Nice displays at the park
Old train signs and equipment
Inside the old Great Bend Tunnel
So much verdant scenery on the Bluestone River

We visited the John Henry Historical Park near Talcott, WV today. Little did we know that the John Henry of legend was actually a real man who helped build the Great Bend Tunnel through a mountain in Summer County WV. His true story varies depending on the source but we enjoyed learning more about this folk hero. The mountains around this area are stunning in their beauty and greenness 💚 Enjoy the mini movie link from You Tube below. It has a happier ending than the what is believed to have been the end days of John Henry dying while trying to beat the steam machine, or dying in a tunnel collapse or any of the other sad ends.

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4 thoughts on “Steel Drivin’ Man

  1. So happy to see you two back on the road again! Have fun, continue posting updates, stay safe, and enjoy every day! ❤️❤️ Love and hugs to you both!


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