New Fridge ❄️

It was easier not to have to lower the old fridge to the floor. Weighed 120 lbs
New one will go in this area
Cleaned up for Gabe to sell it.
Never cared for the paneled look of the doors
Back from Home Depot
The fellows plan their approach to lift it into the RV
Removing the clear protective wrap
So much space!
Still a little trim work to do but most important was pictures of our family ❤️

Our RV refrigerator has always been too small for full time living but it was a big job to replace it. While we had Gabe’s excellent help, we decided to switch it out with a much larger one. Truth be told, we actually assist him. He does the heavy lifting. This apartment size 10.1 cubic foot unit is so much roomier than the 6.5 original. We went with a regular compressor model instead of the 2 way gas/ electric absorption refrigerators that are usually in RVs. Many other travelers have made this swap. It still needs some trim work but it’s securely installed and cooling nicely. Grocery shopping days won’t be such a challenge now that we have so much room for our fresh food.

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

4 thoughts on “New Fridge ❄️

    1. I think the wood paneling was an attempt to make the old fridge blend with the other cabinets. I much prefer the honest sleekness of the black one. And it’s so much larger inside!


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