Chillin’ šŸ’Ø

Our RV’s rooftop air-conditioner/ heat pump failed and was not repairable. Ordered one from Amazon and the guys installed it in a couple hours this afternoon. The sky looked ominous as they carefully raised the new unit into place and lowered the old one to the ground. Again, we owe Gabe our heartfelt thanks for his cheerful, capable and skilled assistance on yet another project. He and his Pop are a good team. We will enjoy the freezing cold air the new AC provides. One more project to go before we hit the road. I will post it in a couple days.

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

4 thoughts on “Chillin’ šŸ’Ø

  1. We recently had to replace our outside unit / compressor…not inexpensive. Great short video on the Barker Team. Good to see Gabe and his Dad together! “On the road again” soon!! šŸ˜ƒ


    1. A couple grand for AC but worth millions in comfort. RV units are not meant for full time living… so we ate glad that this 11 year old lasted as long as it did. They made the project look easy with their teamwork.


  2. So glad you got that fixed because it’s hot down here in the south. Yes a awesome team. What makes me very happy is that pop kicked COVIDs ass.


    1. He still has some lingering effects from the pneumonia that we hope will improve over time. Gets tired faster than before but he is 71 šŸ˜‰ Yeah, even up north, the summers need some AC.


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