Rail Fan!

Warren indulges my love of trains. He did the whole afternoon without supplemental oxygen!
Terrific rail diamond used by numerous trains day and night
Queen Anne architecture
I wonder how many travelers have passed through those doors?
Radiators are still in use
Part of the seating area in this fabulous old station still in use for Amtrak customers too
Points of the compass rails
The dear 94 year old man to the right of us is Riley Watson, mentioned in the PBS video. We enjoyed a chat with him.

Today we made a road trip over to wonderful Hamlet NC. Home of the most photographed train depot in the East. The 120 year old station has been lovingly refurbished to its original glory in the past 10 years. It was also moved 210 feet, in one piece, from a location across the tracks. Amtrak still stops for passengers and I will be traveling through there on a train trip from Raleigh NC to Winter Haven FL in a few days. We spent an entire beautiful afternoon touring the depot and chatting with the volunteers who range from former engineers, porters, dispatchers and others. A highlight was meeting 94 year old Riley Watson who still volunteers at the depot. He is mentioned in the PBS film link below.

We also toured inside this 1963 diesel engine and caboose
The Seaboard Railway was the ultimate way to travel from NY to FL back in the day. Now it’s Amtrak’s Silver Star.
From the back door of the caboose. Too bad that these have been replaced by electronic devices on trains now.

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6 thoughts on “Rail Fan!

  1. That is so cool! I like trains too and the older stations are very cool. Kinda takes you back in history. I’ve seen many depot’s but not that nice. It’s so great to see pop without the extra O2. Taking it like a champ.


    1. We have visited many train depots and old steam train displays and still enjoy each one. One of these days soon, we can get back on the road to see others. Your Pop did good pacing himself. That pneumonia sure did a number on his lungs.


    1. Thanks ❤️ It was a pleasure to get out on a little adventure. Soon, we hope to be back on the road. Just need to get his lungs to the best they can be and feel comfortable traveling.


  2. Reminds me of when I would take the train to college. No station though, the train just stopped in the middle of town for passengers!


    1. I have never taken a train trip just short excursions. Looking forward to taking one down to FL to visit family on the 19th. Warren is going to stay here and keep the home fires burning.


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