Better Than New!

Original counter with propane stove and oven in 2018
New induction cooktop. Large toaster oven is underneath behind cabinet doors on pull out shelf
Solid white sand color. The trash hatch, left of the sink, will also be renewed.

Gabe and Warren remodeled the original countertop. We had removed the propane stove and oven a couple years ago. They used this “no travel” time to build a new opening for a nice induction cooktop. Then they applied new laminate over the old counter following the method in the link. It turned out great! Warren has to pace himself and move pretty slow but he insisted on trying to get this done. Couldn’t have done it without Gabe’s assistance and the use of his workshop. Warren says it was actually him assisting Gabe on this project 😁

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

17 thoughts on “Better Than New!

    1. We are doing fine. A little weary of staying put but making the most of it. Our wants are few and our joys are many so we can’t complain. Warren will be so glad when he doesn’t need the 02 tanks anymore.

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