Furnace Fun😂

The furnace is situated under the refrigerator.
They decided that the furnace was installed and the RV was built around it.
Testing and troubleshooting
Still time to goof around 😉

We rarely have to use our propane furnace in the RV. Usually, a couple little space heaters or the heat pump are adequate to heat our tiny home but when temperatures drop down to the mid to low 30s or below, we need to use the furnace instead. This is the second time Gabe has pulled the furnace out to repair it this winter. He found a bad soldier connection the first time. Warren was in the hospital at that time. He got it up and running. A couple weeks ago, another connection failed. This time, he and his Pop got to work on it together. They found the issue quickly and made the repair. Since driving an RV is like a mini earthquake to appliances, it’s no wonder there were a couple loose connections! My heart loves those 2 smooth heads bent over that problem and solving it together. Warren continues to improve and is looking forward to the day he can dispense with the supplemental 02. We get out daily to walk a mile or two with frequent rest breaks (dragging his portable tanks along). Life is still good even with this hard time. We are hoping to be back on the road come springtime 🤞

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14 thoughts on “Furnace Fun😂

      1. Gabe looks just like his Dad! They are like twins! So happy Warren is improving and y’all are doing good!


  1. Been some really very wintery times on the east coast. So glad Gabe is near and can help and so glad Warren continues to improve. Wow, first thought looking at the first smooth head bent over the heater it was Warren with no O2…elated, but then saw the second “balled” head with O2. My how they look alike…..a beautiful sight: father/son.😃 Stay warm!


  2. Your son sure looks like his dad! Glad they were able to get you some heat. Warren’s recovery sounds like it’s on track and chugging along, good news.


  3. Thanks for updating us, Karene. I have been wondering about you two, especially in these freezing temps. Stay strong in grace… I’m ready to see you hit the road again! ❤️


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