Winter in NC

South Dakota is our legal address as we travel
Not our usual setting in the winter
Tracks from taking out the trash
Let’s go everywhere!
Silly Man!

Winter Storm Izzy dropped a couple inches of sleet and snow on us yesterday. We passed the time reading, streaming Modern Marvels, making Veggie pan pizza, reading a travel book ( thank you Gail), crossword puzzles in ink, trying out a harmonica as a breathing tool (thank you Karlee), 3D printing and napping. Not getting out on the slick roads today either! More of the same today but will try out a spring roll recipe.

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

2 thoughts on “Winter in NC

    1. It’s all in perspective. We are kind of proud of how well our Sunny is performing in the cold. 2 little space heaters keep us comfortable during the day. At night we turn the propane furnace to 60 and enjoy snuggling under the covers. The heat pump only works well at 40 and above so between the 3 systems we stay warm. We are getting so used to having family close by that it will be hard to get back on the road eventually.


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